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Councillor Janet Giles 

A local independent voice for people and
the community 

This is me

I am proud to have been elected as an Area Councillor in the City of Adelaide in November 2022.
I'm a retired Trade Union official and ex-teacher and I am a resident of the  Southwest of the city.

I love where I live because it's diverse, green, creative, community-minded, and lively. Here I've found people to be welcoming and accepting of each other regardless of background, age, gender, identity, or life experience. 

In my working life, I've been a teacher, a union organiser, a leader, and a campaigner.
I've supported campaigns and movements that support Aboriginal People, women, workers, the environment, LGBQTI+ rights, and address inequality in our community. 

I have extensive experience working on committees and boards and working with others in government and the community to find solutions to issues.  I'm a member of the City South Association, the Adelaide Parklands Association, the Anti Poverty Network, and a volunteer with the Adelaide Day Centre. 

I am married with two grown-up children who work in the hospitality industry and now live in Melboune. 


As your councillor I will 


  • listen, consult and keep you informed

  • behave respectfully and operate in the interests of an effective, working council for the people of our city

  • be a voice for residents and small businesses

  • focus on building our city community through better services and support, particularly for those in greatest need

  • support real action on climate change and protecting our beautiful parklands

  • address homelessness, affordable housing and reasonable rent

  • work to create processes that give residents and council a more equal voice in planning and development decisions

  • make our city safer city for all, with better bike, public transport, and walking infrastructure

  • value our shared heritage, tell the truth about our history and build strong partnership with the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains, the Kaurna people

  • re-build our city precincts through community engagement and activation




I am proudly independent, local and progressive. 

feel free to contact me with any ideas, issues, or if you need assistance. 


phone 0481748889

facebook  Councillor Janet Giles 

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