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My Winter Newsletter

It’s been around six months since the Adelaide City Council elections where 7 new, independent, community-connected councillors were elected.

Your new council is diverse, younger and has expertise and experience in active transport, community development, climate change, governance, finance, business development, housing and the environment.

At the opening of Wauwi Inparrila Light Square Meeting Place with councillors Keiran Snape, David Elliot and Carmel Noon and Claire Harris from Housing Choices SA.

Over the last six months we have:

  • Made council decision-making more effective

  • Started developing a city plan.

  • Called on the State Government to include community consultation and council involvement in the Planning Act.

  • Opposed building a new Women’s and Childrens Hospital on the parklands.

  • Stopped the police barracks being built on our parklands.

  • Had the planned new Adelaide Aquatic Centre moved away from residents’ houses with no increase of its footprint in the parklands.

  • Set up a review into the value for money of the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA).

  • Connected with precinct groups to discuss how they can be better used to support their communities.

  • Strengthened our climate change policy.

  • Focussed on building more affordable and social housing including affordable rental accommodation.

  • Set up a round table to be held in August to discuss council’s role in addressing homelessness in the city.

  • Unanimously supported a yes vote in the upcoming referendum for a First Nations voice to federal parliament.

  • Designed a budget that will generate the much-needed funds to fix our streets and footpaths and invest in a city for people and the future.

It has been a privilege to serve you for the last six months and a joy to work with my fellow councillors who are focused on the future of the City of Adelaide.

Email me your questions, issues and ideas at

Celebrating Ratha Yatra in the Adelaide CBD and presenting certificates for a council-funded program training swimming instructors from diverse communities.

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